There’s More To Wedding Photography Than Good Photos…

So much goes into a wedding: from choosing table clothes and center pieces, to hiring the right catering and booking the venue, the last thing you should have to worry about is your photographer. And a good photographer knows there is so much more to being exceptional than the photos. Here are a few reasons why James Nagel Photography stands above the rest.

Timing Is Everything

Good timing goes beyond having the perfect settings ready to capture your first kiss in vivid detail. You want a photographer that responds quickly and comprehensively, shows up on time to your event, and ensures meet all of your goals for photos throughout the event. 

Your photographer should also be an expert in the timing of light at different locations and be able to advise you on the best time to get a particular shot. Where should we place the chuppah during a midday ceremony? What’s the best time to step away for portraits? How can we fit family photos in our schedule? There are lots of important to questions and James Nagel Photography is happy to answer them for you. 

Timing doesn’t stop with the sparkler exit, either. Expect prompt communication and a quick turnaround for your wedding photos and any other products you’ve ordered to memorialize the day.  

Focus On What’s Important

The photographic style of James Nagel Photography emphasizes sharp and shallow focus for a crisp and professional album. But beyond that, focus means being present for your wedding, and anticipating opportunities to capture your most special moments.

Backup, Backup, Backup – Saving Memories

James Nagel Photography goes the extra mile to ensure your photos are stored safely and securely with a robust backup and storage plan. Redundancy is key! During the event, photos will be duplicated and stored separately. After the event, the photos are immediately added to multiple drives with built in redundancy and then uploaded to the cloud. Photos are stored and available to print or download for up to 2 years after your wedding. 

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Photo Needs

Lets find the perfect wedding package that meets your specific needs! All services are scalable and can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule and scope.


Wedding packages start at $2,000. All packages include a full set of full resolution photos. You can also purchase prints directly through the album website.

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